June 16 2022
Released Active Whois version 5.5

  • Added: Netstat updated again - a dns' requests now had cached for speed, added status text to show a progress.
  • Fixed: Punycode converter dialog was crashing on an empty string in some cases.
  • Fixed: The text searcher (CTRL+F) was show an incorrect found text if result was in near the beginning of data in the first search attempt only.
  • Fixed: Nslookup could crash on some uncompleted dns packets with 'truncated message'(the TC TrunCation opcode is set).
  • Fixed: Rare nslookup crashed while detecting main dns servers.
  • Domains changes:
  • .lb - Lebanon
  • .info - generic information
  • .xxx - adult entertainment community
  • .vu - Vanuatu
    February 19 2021
    Released Active Whois version 5.4

  • Added: Microsoft Edge browser addon
  • Info: The netstat output algorithm changed, the older one seems good for slower dialup connections; screen was updates each time as dns name resolved. Today, the LAN connections have resolves a dns names much faster that it displays, so screen updated an one time, after all names resolved.
  • Fixed: Nslookup - search was not start if automatic server detection was selected but server field was empty
  • Fixed: The one rare reason for program crashing
  • Domains changes:
  • .fm - Micronesia, Federal State of
  • - private Russian Federation
  • .xxx - adult entertainment community
  • .mm - Myanmar
    November 14 2019
    Released Active Whois version 5.3

  • Added: Opera addon
  • Added: NSLookup's server detection mechanism: automatically or select from DNS servers list
  • Info: Direct Whois, NSLookup and TraceRoute windows now can be resized
  • Info: Add-ons installer will be asking before open browser
  • Info: A 'No DNS record found' error message now show the host asked
  • Info: The DNS' type A (IP address of host) now will be searched if it was not found in Q_ALL request in the domain depot report
  • Fixed: Firefox add-on installing issues
  • Fixed: The whois server now correctly detected in some cases
  • Fixed: AXFR(zone transfer) now correctly receive and show multiply packet answers
  • Fixed: The animation of a globe icon, was not working in the system tray in some cases
  • Fixed: The urls that have port not correctly transfer from NETSTAT window
  • Fixed: The extra spaces when print out a TTL time value now was removed
  • Domains changes:
  • .do - Dominican Republic
  • .ge - Georgia
  • .ls - Lesotho
  • .mr - Mauritania
  • .mw - Malawi
  • .ss - South Sudan
  • .td - Chad
  • .kw - Kuwait
  • .rw - Rwanda
  • .sl - Sierra Leone
  • - private individuals Austrian
  • .ai - Anguilla
  • .bd - Bangladesh
  • .org - organization
  • .biz - bussiness
  • India domains:
    .in .ಭಾರತ .ଭାରତ .ভাৰত
    .ভারত .భారత్ .ભારત
    .भारतम् .भारोत .भारत
    .بارت .بھارت .ڀارت
    .ਭਾਰਤ .ഭാരതം .இந்தியா
    February 23 2017
    Released Active Whois version 5.2

  • Added: Newer versions of browsers add-on allow seeing the country flag of origin of visited sites. Version for Google Chrome even can say the country name!
  • Added: The Domain Depot report now shows common DNS types like MX, SOA if AXFR full zone transfer failed.
  • Added: New option for DNS timeout to decrease waiting of direct DNS requests
  • Added: New option to display the only Unicode view of International Domain Name, without puny coded part
  • Added: Now the report's text will be shown instantly without waiting the completing of work.
  • Added: The Direct WHOIS now have a special receiving mode for massive large answers (more 65kb) to get information faster.
  • Fixed: The domain name now shows the last whois answer if next server is inaccessible. Unfortunately, modern domain zones may return ambiguous information to define a correct answer, so it recommends also switching off the 'Show only the last response' option to see all whois responses.
  • Fixed: Memory leak at Direct WHOIS
  • Fixed: Connection error information now correctly shows in the IP address report.
  • Fixed: The Find feature can search over large texts on older Windows versions (2k, 98, and 95).
  • Domains changes:
  • .ar - Argentina
  • .gf - French Guiana
  • .mq - Martinique
    March 24 2016
    Released Active Whois version 5.1

    The URL engine was remade so undiscovered bugs maybe presence.
  • Added: The punycoded international domains now can be shown as normal Unicode view too. These URLs can be detected as links.
  • Added: The Ip6 addresses will be detected as links too.
  • Added: The list of processing reports now shows in status line.
  • Fixed: Find text feature: now correctly horizontal scroll the finding text.
  • Fixed: The Unicode symbols now displayed correctly in window title.
  • Fixed: All precached domains work properly now.
  • Info: The Firefox has changed add-on's API so Active Whois add-on for Firefox was updated. The latest version is available at mozilla site:
  • Domains changes:
  • .kn - Saint Kitts And Nevis
  • .tg - Togo
  • .jobs - human resource managers
  • .pro - professionals
    October 15 2015
    Released Active Whois version 5.0

  • Added: Domain AXFR(domain zone transfer) report
  • Added: Nslookup tool is beta support, now only based DNS Resource Records displayed in parsed form, however all DNS RRs can be shown in hex-dump view. The parser for rare RRs will be added in future releases.
  • Added: Trace Route tool
  • Added: Find on text feature
  • Added: New graphic theme
  • Added: The properties of report now can be accessed in reports section.
  • Added: Now tools like direct whois, netstat, etc will not be closed after main Active Whois window is closed.
  • Fixed: Zero-symbols returned from whois server were reason for incorrect display of reports in some cases.
  • The new Windows 10 Edge browser does not support add-ons so the Active Whois icon is not available in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft promised to add support of browser add-ons soon. Active Whois icon still exists in old the MS Internet Explorer on Window 10 like in Firefox and Chrome.
    July 10 2015
    Released Abridge Insert version 1.3

  • Added: The new hotword's delay option can help you to tune up the Abridge Insert for more perfect work.
  • Added: 'Restart' menu may allow you to continue your work quickly.
  • Many other little bug fixes, Abridge Insert are compatible now with the Windows 10 Release Candidate.
    May 25 2015
    Released Active Whois version 4.2

  • Added: Support of Google Chrome.
  • Added: The all new global Top Level Domains now was precached for proper whois link detection.
  • Fixed: Now correctly using a domain name for whois search if it was resolved from ip address.
  • Domains changes:
  • .gq - Equatorial Guinea
  • .mz - Mozambique
  • .zm - Zambia
  • - Ukraine
  • .my - Malaysia
  • .bn - Brunei Darussalam
    January 24 2015
    Released Abridge Insert. Using keyboard shortcuts combinations, Abridge Insert allows you to fast insert frequently-used text templates into any application, such as a word processors, email programs, tables, IDEs, etc. AbridgeInsert can also add up to 10 extra clipboard entries for the exchange of text and graphics among applications.

    May 1 2014
    Released Active Whois version 4.1

  • Added: Completing the new gTLD support - detecting a registration link for new domains.
  • Fixed: Damaging a browsing history when a many active whois windows were open.
  • Domains changes:
  • .kg - Kyrgyzstan
  • .mg - Madagascar
  • .mk - Macedonia
  • .vu - Vanuatu
  • .co - Colombia
    January 18 2014
    Released Active Whois version 4.0

  • Added: The new global Top Level Domains support. Active Whois will automatically detect and mining whois information of new domains. This new feature maybe need to take some completion however it work already.
  • Added: Beta support of whois search of IP addresses version 6.
  • Added: Option to show the responses of all WHOIS servers in domain's search.

  • The installer of browsers add-ons was remade. The setup is no longer support of the old versions Windows 9x now. However if you need an installer for Windows 9x you may ask.
    Domains changes:
  • .cf - Central African Republic
  • .pf - French Polynesia
  • .УКР - Ukraine
  • .ایران - Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • .biz - business organizations
  • .id - Indonesia
  • .gd - Grenada
  • .nu - Niue
  • .tc - Turks and Caicos Islands
    February 18 2013
    Released Active Whois version 3.4

  • Added: Option for detecting of UTF-8 responses
  • Added: Option for show international symbols in address bar
  • Fixed: Printing of international symbols correctly
  • Domains changes:
  • .post - Universal Postal Union
  • .ax - Aland Islands
  • .bn - Brunei Darussalam
  • .by - Belarus
  • .me - Montenegro
  • .mo - Macao
  • .om - Oman
  • .tn - Tunisia
  • .pw - Palau
  • .ҚАЗ - Kazakhstan
  • .سورية - Syria
    April 26 2012
    Released Active Whois version 3.3.1

  • Added: Trying to detect WHOIS responses coded within UTF8 format to show different language symbols correctly.
  • Added: Firefox addon for Active Whois is updated
  • New domain: .срб - Serbia
    January 5 2012
    Released Active Whois version 3.3

  • Added: Experimental supports of an internationalized domain names (IDN).
  • Added: The Network Status now show process's names of network connections in Windows 7/Vista.
  • Fixed: Copying a url to Direct Whois window now correctly transfer the host name only.
  • Domains changes:
  • .xxx - adult entertainment community
  • .bi - Burundi
  • .co - Colombia
  • .lc - Saint Lucia
  • .sx - Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
  • .qa - Qatar
  • .rs - Serbia
  • .hr - Croatia/Hrvatska
  • .nc - New Caledonia
  • .قطر - Qatar
  • .한국 - Korea, Republic of
  • .中国 - China
  • .台灣 - Taiwan
  • .台湾 - Taiwan
  • .امارات - United Arab Emirates
  • .ไทย - Thailand
  • .рф - Russian Federation
  • .fo - Faroe Islands
  • .sm - San Marino
  • .ua - Ukraine
    October 3 2011
    Firefox addon for Active Whois is updated to Firefox 7.0

    August 22 2011
    Firefox addon for Active Whois is updated to Firefox 6.0

    July 12 2011
    Firefox addon for Active Whois is updated to Firefox 5.0

    April 3 2011
    Firefox addon for Active Whois is updated to Firefox 4.0

    May 26 2010
    Released Active Whois version 3.2

  • Added: The 'Find' button now placed like in most web browsers on the left of address list
  • Added: Support Windows 7/Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed: Firefox correctly support
  • Domains changes:
  • .tel - for businesses and individuals to publish their contact data
  • .sn - Senegal
  • .ec - Ecuador
  • .gl - Greenland
  • .dz - Algeria
  • .tz - Tanzania
    February 23 2008
    Released Active Whois version 3.1

  • Added: Themes can be changed by left clicked mouse menu.
  • Added: Themes can be changed directly from main menu.
  • Fixed: Loop in redirects in HTTP header reports.
  • Fixed: Link detection on chineese/japan langauges
  • Fixed: Wrong URL transfer from browsers in some cases.
  • Fixed: Instructions how to find email headers in Hotmail.
  • Domains changes:
  • .travel - entities whose primary area of activity is in the travel industry
  • .ai - Anguilla
  • .bo - Bolivia
  • .gp - Guadeloupe
  • .im - Isle of Man
  • .ki - Kiribati
  • .kp - Korea, Democratic People's Republic
    December 3 2007
    Released Access Denied version 4.00

  • Added: Ability to change the symbol of password
  • Added: Custom fonts for logs
  • Added: Right-clicked context menu
  • Added: Blinking text is shown now in boot's text color test
  • Added: Boot message's colors is shown while edit
  • Added: Support of mouse wheel to scroll logs
  • Added: Moving of Access Denied window by clicking any unused area
  • Added: Save log as text file now ask to overwrite text file if file exist
  • Fixed: When explorer restarts on failures the launcher icon is not lost
  • Fixed: Screen Guard at boot up starts before Windows logon
  • Fixed: Error to save some options
  • Fixed: Crashing on opening of recently deleted management log
  • Fixed: Windows logon name synchronizing now correctly work on Windows 98
  • Fixed: Windows logon name synchronizing correctly work even if boot protection is not used
    May 9 2007
    Released Access Denied XP version 1.2

  • Added: Processes log - track used programs
  • Added: Option for administrators so they can log off/unlock users.
  • Added: The password symbol can be changed.
  • Added: Access Denied XP administration can ask the password of administrator for more security.
  • Added: Keyboard shortcuts
  • Added: Option 'Show logon failures in details' to the edit boot message dialog because it affected logon failure message.
  • Added: Sleep/wakeup events to logs
  • Fixed: Windows 2000 choose logs - problem with list
  • Fixed: Windows 2000 now detect empty password and show it in red.
  • Fixed: Welcome message is shown on boot up now.
  • Fixed: Error with help
  • Fixed: Launcher icon don't hide from tray if Windows Explorer restarted
    October 10 2006
    Released Active Whois version 3.0

  • Added: Themes
  • Added: Supporting Windows XP 64
  • Added: Option to stay Active Whois window on top
  • Added: Open Whois queries from NetStat in new window by default
  • Added: Install Firefox plug-in and search of many domains to new menu 'Tools'
  • Added: Support of Internet Explorer 7
  • Fixed: HTTP header report is crashing if server returns no data
  • Fixed: 50% CPU usage if you close the window created by CTRL+N command
  • Fixed: Problem with text's brightness if Windows high-contrast color schemes is used
  • Fixed: Direct Whois does not try to connect if you specify a port with empty server name.
  • Domains changes:
  • .cat - Catalan linguistic and cultural community
  • .jobs - human resource managers
  • .mobi - consumers and providers of mobile products and services
  • .eu - European Union
  • .gi - Gibraltar
  • .hn - Honduras
  • .sa - Saudi Arabia
  • .sb - Solomon Islands
  • .sc - Seychelles
  • .uz - Uzbekistan
  • .ve - Venezuela
  • .pro - profecionals
  • .bg - Bulgaria
  • .ck - Cook Islands
  • .de - Germany
  • .dk - Denmark
  • .ws - Samoa (f/k/a Western Samoa)
    September 9 2006
    Updated Active Whois plug-in for FireFox browser.  
    Now support Firefox 2.0 and fixed "Whois on link" error
    February 19 2006
    Available Active Whois plug-in for FireFox browser.  
    January 22 2006
    Released Access Denied XP version 1.1

  • Added: Dialog for security options
  • Added: Two new toolbar buttons
  • Added: Auto recovery of damaged log files
  • Fixed: Menu item 'exit' is now worked
  • Fixed: Install third party logon more correctly
    November 15 2005
    Released Access Denied XP version 1.0.2 beta

  • Added: Help is available by F1 key in Administration window
  • Fixed: New way of installation to avoid uninstall problem
  • Fixed: On logon test password stars is not show when pressed non password keys like BACKSPACE, SHIFT, etc
    September 27 2005
    Released Active Whois version 2.6

  • Added: NetStat - show of all current internet connections can help to detect viruses or instant messenger' screen names.
  • Added: Now support AFRINIC - IP addresses whois for African region
  • Fixed: Bug in options select
  • Fixed: HTTP Header crashing on non-standard(critical errors) web server responses
  • Fixed: Correctly detecting 'Connection timeout' error on fast computers
  • Domains changes:
  • .FI - Finland
  • .IO - British Indian Ocean Territory
  • .NA - Namibia
  • .PR - Puerto Rico
  • .UG - Uganda

  •   Sub domains:
  • .IN - India
  • .JP - Japan
    September 26 2005
    Released Access Denied XP version 1.0.1 beta

  • Added: Edit of logon messages
    June 26 2005
    Released Access Denied XP version 1.0 beta This version supports Windows XP

    April 20 2005
    Forum opens
    March 5 2005
    Released Active Whois version 2.5

  • Added: Search for information about sponsors of Top Level Domains.
  • Added: Moving of any Active Whois windows via clicking over any unused area on such windows.
  • Fixed: Wrong showing dialogs on systems with enabled large fonts.
  • Fixed: Deleting registry values on uninstall now is more correctly.
  • Fixed: Bug with report's description unchanged when report was removed from current list.
    December 22 2004
    Released Active Whois version 2.4

  • Added: HTTP Headers report
    November 2 2004
    Released Active Whois version 2.3

  • Added: Managing of reports
  • Added: Showing of a explored link in main window title
  • Added: Tool for start searching domain in multiply TLDs
  • Added: Tips of the day
  • Fixed: The history box performance for faster start of search
  • Fixed: Context menu item 'Send e-mail...' bug
  • Fixed: Some link detection issues
  • Fixed: Losing keyboard focus on 'Back'and 'Next' buttons
  • Domains changes:
  • FO - Faroe Islands
  • MC - Monaco
  • MY - Malaysia
  • RE - Reunion island
  • SK - Slovak Republic
  • BG - Bulgary
  • CA - Canada
  • CD - Congo
  • FR - France
  • TR - Turkey
  • TV - Tuvalu
    April 6 2004
    Released Active Whois version 2.2

  • Added: Printing of whois reports
  • Added: Links support in DirectWhois window
  • Added: Connect to custom ports in DirectWhois
  • Added: using 'ME' as alias for local computer hostname
  • Fixed: Windows NT4 crash
  • Fixed: Now detecting 'https://' links
  • Fixed: Request's history scrolling by keyboards
  • Updated domains: .UK .TV .LY
    December 3 2003
    Released Active Whois version 2.1

  • Fixed: BR - Brazil domains now determined more accurately
  • Added: Support for EDU - educational institutions domains
  • Fixed: Some interface issues
    November 5 2003
    Released Active Whois version 2.0

  • Added: Caching for offline browsing.
  • Added: Removing unnecessary text banners from some servers.
  • Added: Support of URLs for WHOIS and WWW.
  • Added: Link to register country code Top Level Domains.
  • Added: New toolbar features: scaling by main window and tool tips
  • Fixed: Hung up with self-looped WHOIS servers.
  •   New domains search:
  • .coop - Cooperatives
  • .am - Armenia
  • .ck - Cook Islands
  • .cx - Christmas Island
  • .gg - Guernsey
  • .je - Jersey
  • .is - Iceland
  • .ke - Kenya
  • .li - Liechtenstein
  • .ms - Montserrat
  • .nu - Niue
  • .pt - Portugal
  • .su - former Sovet Union
  • .tc - Turks and Caicos Islands
  • .tf - French Southern Territories
  • .tk - Tokelau
  • .tm - Turkmenistan
  • .vg - Virgin Islands (British)
    Released Active Whois version 1.1

  • Added: SOCKS5 proxy support.
  • Added: Integration with Internet Explorer.
  • Added: "New window" command.
  • Added: "Options" button is placed to toolbar.
  • Fixed: Correctly saves "Full DNS explore" option.
    Released Access Denied version 3.40

  • Added: Starting Screen Guard after Windows® user log-off is option now.
  • Added: Saving Windows® start-up time to log file even if boot-up password is disabled.
  • New: Superuser 'root' is removed from user list.
  • Fixed: Bypassing Screen Guard with Microsoft Multimedia keyboard.
  • Fixed: The "New User Wizard" now correctly adds created user to "single boot-up password" menu.

    Site design changed. We hope you liked it.  

    Released Active Whois - useful network information utility what allow finding information about owners of internet domains and adresses. You can obtain country, persons and postal adresses of who use domain or IP adress by one click.  
    Released Access Denied version 3.30

  • Added: Feature to fill Windows® network logon by Access Denied logged name.
  • Added: Now Screen Guard starts when user did log-off
  • Added: Checking of special and international symbols on password
  • Added: Possibility to change text that displayed on when short messages saves.
  • Added: Ability to set black screen in Screen Guard to increase computer's performance
  • Some bugs fixed
    Released version 3.20 final

  • Added: Users can change theirs passwords without administrator.
  • Added: Now anyone can save short messages to you even if Screen Guard is worked.
  • Added: Time when Windows® shutdown is kept in log
  • Added: Support Windows® ME System Restore
  • Added: New Screen Guard options dialog - more easy and more options
  • Fixed: The uninstall procedure is totally re-written for fix uninstall bugs.
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