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Privacy policy for "Active Whois" application and "Active Whois & Flags extension" the browser's add-on

Last Updated: April 14, 2020

Notice: "Active Whois" application and "Active Whois & Flags extension" the browser's add-on is designed to store your privacy information only on your own computer. You should install the "Active Whois" software application to the proper working of add-on in browsers. This software will serve your Whois searches from your computer instead of using any of our servers. So we even don't know any kind of information that you have searched on WHOIS.

1. What Kind of Information We Collect

1.1 Personal Information

We do not collect Personal Information. "Personal Information" is information that identifies you or another person.

1.2 Non-Personal Information

We do not collect Non-Personal Information. Any search history, cached Whois data and any other kind of Non-Personal Information is stored in your computer.

2. How We Use Collected Information

Since we do not collect Personal and Non-Personal Information, we cannot use your information in any way.

3. Third Party

3.1 A third party, such as Whois server administration, internet service providers may store your IP addresses and/or your request when you connect or transmit to their servers.

3.2 A payment service providers may collect your Personal Information. You should review their own privacy statements prior to submitting any personal information to them or/and make the transaction.

4. Security

4.1 Your Information may be stored on your own computer, so please keep your computer secure.

5. Changes to This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter this Policy at any time.

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