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NSLookup(a.k.a. DIG) is tool for querying the Domain Name System (DNS) to obtain domain name or IP address mapping or for any other specific DNS record. Unlike system DNS request, NSlookup does not use the operating system's local Domain Name System resolve to perform its queries, so NSlookup possible to make specific requests that usually hidden by system which ordinary allow resolve the domain names only to ip addresses. Active Whois NSLookup allows creating the any form of DNS request in Windows graphical interface. However the creating of correct DNS request may need to some knowledge of Domain Name System. Please read Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities [RFC-1034] if you novice in domain names.

Active Whois Nslookup(dig) dns server on Windows 10
Active Whois Nslookup(dig) on Windows 10.

Active Whois nslookup(dig) can find any type of dns records even MX
Active Whois Nslookup(dig) has tons of dns information like MX (Mail eXchange) and other records.

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